Monday, March 26, 2012

To paint or not to paint

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We sure did, My parents volunteered to stay with little man Saturday night so we could go see Hungar Games, twas a good movie.

I've mentioned before that we have been on a house hunt for a couple months. Well last week we finally found one that didn't get scooped up by an investor with lots of cash. So if all goes well we should have it within a month. Hip hip hooray! Anyway, one thing I have noticed about most of the houses we have have seen, this one included, is that most of them have brick fireplaces, and unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan. I've sort of decided that I would just paint the fireplace white, husband on the other hand doesn't like painted brick. Are we in pickle? I think so!

I found some pictures of what I like to hopefully bring him over to my side. Don't worry, I usually win when it comes to these sort of things :)

via Remodelaholic
via Western Passion
via decor pad
I love the look but I've heard that the paint will turn black really fast from the smoke. But that' s nothing a little more paint can't fix right? What are your thoughts on painted fireplaces?


  1. I love the painted fireplace look. But often are you actually going to use it? I vote white. Can't wait to see your house!!!

  2. Hi!
    I say paint it, paint it, paint it!!

  3. I say paint :) I love how fresh it looks. And we love the house by the way too! I can't wait to see how you decorate and paint!


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