Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TV House Tuesday- Grayson Manor

One of my guilty pleasures is most definitely Revenge, except I don't feel guilty about it, so I guess it's just a pleasure. But anyway, this show is so good! Seriously, you should watch it, unless you don't like slightly dark shows about extrememly weatlthy people doing really bad things to eachother. If that's the case, then maybe don't watch it...

Grayson Manor is the home of Victoria Grayson in the Hamptons and it is out of this world gorgeous! I'm pretty sure the exterior of the home is not real, but i'm not sure about the interior
Here is the view of the exterior. It is huge and has a gorgrous yard. Oh the life of the rich and famous.
This is a view of the kitchen. One of the things I love about this house is all the white. You can tell it is uber expensive, but it doesn't feel overdone or stuffy. And you can't really tell in the picture, but the backplash is really cool. And those lights, love them!
Another feature I love is the dark wood accents and all the molding. You don't see much art on the walls but the walls definitely don't feel incomplete.
The living is room done in neutrals, but again, it's not boring at all and doesn't feel stuffy. And I love the transom windows over the opening to the room.

And this is one of the many guests rooms. I just really like the headboard.

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  1. I love their home too. I'm always looking at the details when I watch the show. The trim is killer! I'd love to find out if it's filmed on site or at a studio.


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