Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy Friday! This weekend the hubs and I are babysitting my little sister. She's 18, so by babysitting I mean, making sure she doesn't do anything stupid. So far so good, phew! And tonight we are going to a wild party for my little man's friend's first birthday! Since we are a couple days into spring now and it is gorgeous outside I thought I would leave with some pretty rooms with nice pops of color. Enjoy!
Via Elle Decor

Via Nursery Notation
Via House and Home

Via At home in Arkansas

Ok this last one is my favorite! I want to live there. Are you planning on adding any color into your homes for spring?


  1. Those rooms are amazing! Hope you have a lovely weekend and have fun at the birthday..cute!
    xo Amy

    1. Thank you! Happy weekend to you as well!

  2. i love a splash of colour in a neutral space, especially since im all about white, black, grey and wood.
    These are great images, we've just added some lovely chartreuse cushions to our white bedroom
    x kat


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