Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm still here!

Wow! That was a long, unintended break from the blog world. I just realized today that it has been over a month since my last post.  We've had some exciting things happening around here which has left me with less time and energy to do much, more on all of that to come, I promise. I have also unintentionally put a lot of my home to-do list on hold, but that is soon to change. Hopefully I will have some home updates to share with you all very soon. 

Easter is this Sunday, which means it's time to stock up on Cadburry Cream eggs and Mini Eggs until they are gone until next year. Seriously, it's a good thing they don't make those things year round. It also means that it's time to start decorating those eggs! Decorated Easter eggs can be so pretty! Here are a couple decorating techniques I would love to try out this year.

Sequin Easter eggs

How to make Mod Podge glitter eggs - an easy Easter DIY

Golden marbled Easter eggs DIY


  1. Hope you had a great blogging break! I think the Mod Podge idea is so great!!

  2. So glad your are back!! I was wondering how your were doing and YES sometimes breaks are needed:)

  3. yum, i looove cadbury cream eggs. those marbled eggs above are my fave. so lovely!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  4. Hope everything is okay in your world. I just love those gold leaf/marbleized eggs. So chic!


  5. Hope you enjoyed your break, sounds like fun changes coming up soon?!! :)


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