Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brass Lamp Love

I came across this picture a while ago and immediately fell in love. All the color, all the books, that dinosaur on the top shelf, the organized chaos; it all just makes me smile. The thing that catches my eye the most in this space though, is that beautiful brass lamp. I have really been admiring brass desk lamps lately, I just can't get enough. I love how they can add an old world feel to a modern space.
love it.

How pretty is this office?! Again, with the brass lamp! It is such a great accent to the white walls and colorful artwork.

And in case you are in the market for a brass desk lamp (and lets be honest, we all should be) here are few of my faves


  1. ohhhh good round up! I want one! I just got a new computer and will have more desk space for said lamp :)

  2. Looove brass lamps! Definitely on the hunt for an affordable version!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. I love number 6! So pretty. Lovin me these lamps.

  4. Stopping in via the blog hop! The brass lamps are beautiful, but I am *IN LOVE* with the "I Like Big Books..." sign. Lol!

    julee @

  5. #4 and #7 caught my eyes. I love how they really complete the classic look to a room. And in the first picture I liked the book ends and statues on the top shelf.
    Thanks for sharing and I am following you from the hop.

  6. These add such a classic touch to any room! I love that it makes a statement but is still a "neutral" piece so it fit in many rooms!



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