Friday, July 20, 2012

Pillow Talk

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a really long week for some reason so I am super excited for the weekend. We are planning on taking the little guy to the fair. I haven't been to our county fair in years because I always feel dirty after I leave, but I am sucking it up this year for the kiddo so he can see the animals. Wish me luck!

Now for the main purpose of this post. My go to source for fabulous pillows is Etsy. There are so many great shops on there, and many of them are fairly inexpensive. I found a new Etsy shop last night that I am totally loving. It's called Habitation Boheme, and she has so many gorgeous pillows! Here are a few of my faves

I love all the colors in this pillow. It would look great paired with these two pillows also from her shop.
If I were to put the pillows to use in an actual room I would do something like this, with some added accessories of course.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

And here are a few other fun combos your could do with pillows from her shop. For the contemporary style lover...
and for the more traditional lover
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. These are really lovely. I have a thing for cool throw pillows... boyfriend hates it.. surprise surprise.... ;)

  2. I lovelovelove those pillows! All of them! I am dying to get my hands on some chevron print pillow covers to jazz up my couch :)

  3. You, my dear, have exquisite taste. I too am a pillow lover but need someone as bold as you to help me pair them together in interesting ways. Loved seeing your design ideas.

  4. Such cute pillows! My couch could use an update. Pillows would help immensely. (But then so would a new couch!!)


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  5. Okay... I am seriously feeling like I need some of these pillows. They're just so fabulous I need to find the perfect place for them...

  6. Anonymous22 July, 2012

    I can't choose just one or two that I like the most! Lovely picks and the mood board is nice too.


  7. That bright floral and the patterns you chose to coordinate are perfect for a burst of summer! :)


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