Monday, July 23, 2012

Money Saving Monday

Alright my friends, I'm back with round 2 of Money Saving Monday! I hope you are all excited because this week I have coffee tables and ottomans for your viewing pleasure! These aren't quite as inexpensive as the end tables from last week, but they they still quite the bargain. The most expensive item is the mustard button tufted ottoman for $329, but it's a beauty!

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  1. Anonymous23 July, 2012

    I think option 4 is my favorite. Nice picks.

    Quiet Luxury

  2. I love them!! Mustard tufted is indeed my favorite. I want the bench from that line myself :)

  3. Love this post! These are all great picks. My fave are #4 and 5.

  4. Love #6...great color and the tufting is a favorite!

  5. I love these coffee tables. I forgot what that pattern on #7 is called. Memory gaps. The ottomans look comfortable too.


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