Monday, April 16, 2012

Where I've Been

Last week little man and I took a whirl wind trip with my mom and sister to Utah/Idaho. It was a blast but it's good to be home. We left last Saturday and drove 10 hours to Utah to see my brother and sister in law. I was nervous for the drive but the little guy traveled like a champ! Then on Tuesday we packed up and drove 2 more hours to the teeny town of Huntington, Utah to see my grandparents.

Finally, on Thursday, we were off to Idaho to visit my old college town Rexburg. when I graduated I was so excited to get out of there, but I ended up actually missing that little place. I met up with a couple of my best girlfriends and we had a blast reminiscing, reliving our college years, and eating way too mcuh chocolate, seriously, this girl has got to go running. One lovely lady still lives there and the other flew in from Arizona, she's hilarious by the way, you should check out her blog. Here are few highlights from our journey.

Little B in his Easter outfit. I love this kid!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new TV house to talk about. Catch ya later!


  1. Oh yay!!! We're on the blog! YOU'RE hilarious. btw...maybe you can guest post on my blog... if you want? I've never really done the guest posting thing. But someone just asked me to post on theirs so i thought it would be fun to have someone on mine! Maybe with design tips or something? Let me know what you think. Miss you!

    1. I would love to guest post on the blog! Just tell me and what to talk about and I will be there!


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