Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My strange addiction

Have you seen that show on TLC, My Strange Addiction. Well, unfortunately, I have and it kind of makes me sick. There are some freaky people in this world. So before you get all concerned, no, I don't secretly live like a baby, or eat laundry soap, my addiction is a little less severe. I'm addicted to mod podge. Well, I used to be. I went through this little phase where I made tons of stuff with it. It's a little ridiculous.

Last year for Mother's day I made my mom and mother in law picture plaques, if you will, with some wood and mod podge. It was a cheap and easy way to get a few sentimental tears. 2 gold stars for me!

This is the one I made for my mom and it was so simple. First I stained some plywood then I glued the pictures to scrapbook paper to give them a small border, then I mod podged them on. Bam, done!
And this one was for my mother in law. This was little harder to make. I cut a 2x4 into 5 5x7 pieces and painted them all black. Then I mod podged on my pictures and screwed in 2 half inch hinges between the pictures. I love how it turned out.

And finally, this is something I made for our bedroom wall. I wanted pictures there but didn't feel like buying a bunch of frames so I made them instead

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