Sunday, March 4, 2012

Buble's Bubble

I have a confession, I may or may not have a small crush on Michael Buble. I went to a concert of his a couple years ago, and not only does he have incredible voice, he's also hilarious! And who doesn't like a funny guy who can sing?!

I was looking through some old House and Home magazines on our iPad the other day and I came accross a story about his house that I had forgotten about! This place is gorgeous! It's understatedly elegant. It's contemporary but not overly contemporary, which I love. So, add this house to his seance of humor and amazing voice and you have yourself a catch! But sorry Michael, I'm taken :)
I love the clean lines and simplicity of the dining room. I'm escepicially digging those three pendants above the table.
The whole house is done in neutral colors but it's not at all boring. I especially love the bedroom, it feels so clean and inviting. I could totally live here.

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