Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Favorites

Oh my goodness where have the last two months gone!  I really had no intention of not blogging for so long, life has just gotten busy and my pregnancy brain is in full force over here. I am 30 weeks today which means I only have 10 weeks to go until baby boy is here! I feel like I have dozens of projects that I am working on right now to get ready for our new bundle of joy. More on all of those later. 

I've decided I really need to get back to blogging. I've been totally out of the blogging world lately and I miss it! I haven't even been keeping up with my favorite blogs on the daily like I used to. I need more inspiration back in my life, so today is the day! I'm going to start a new weekly feature, Friday Favorites, where I will post pictures and links to my favorite things that I came across on Pinterest, blogs, and the interwebs in general for the week. Ready, set, go!

1. I love the colors and set up of this adorable twin boy room from Project Junior.
2. These healthy Halloween treats are getting me so excited for Fall!

3. I would love to do something like this in my airplane obsessed little boy's bedroom.
4. I've been on a quinoa kick lately, and this Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake might be my next recipe to try.
5. How fabulous are these gold polka dot knobs from Urban Outfitters. I need to find a really good reason to buy them.
6. Baby boy needs this adorable cardigan, bow tie combo. Whoever said boys are not fun to shop for was way off!

To see more of what I'm loving be sure to follow me on Pinterest! Happy Weekend!


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