Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TV Wall

One area of a home that many people have trouble with is the space behind the TV, me included. I haven't been able to make up my mind about what I've wanted to do there, so it has sat empty and ignored for months. Once I took Christmas down the bareness has really started to bother me, so I've finally made some decisions about what to do. My curtainless windows bother me even more now that Christmas is put away also, so that will be the next thing to be taken care of.

I first thought I would do a gallery wall behind the TV or hang the TV on the wall and make it part of the gallery wall.
Concealing a tv on a gallery wall by eddie
Birch and Lily
Emily A. Clark
gallery wall behind a tv via Little Green Notebook
Little Green Notebook

Then I saw this picture and it was totally calling my name. So I think I've decided to forgo the gallery wall idea and go with a picture ledge above the TV instead. I love the layered frames and how much depth it adds to the wall.

Gallery wall
So now that I know what I want to do, it's time to make a trip to Ikea for a picture ledge. It's also time to start looking for looking for art to put up there. So far the only thing that I really have my heart set on is this print from SS Print Shop. This is going to be fun!

Image of FOREVER

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  1. i totally need to add tons of art to my home too - so i feel you on the bareness! i love the pictures ledges from ikea too and really want to try one out!

  2. I love your idea...that will look really good! I have way too many blank walls in my home too, so don't feel bad!

  3. I adore the first photo! Great idea of having art on tv wall, especially if that wall is big.
    Can't wait to see how is going to look like and Ikea always have fantastic stuff.

  4. Oh I love this idea!! And the "this" print- that is super cute!! I just posted today about an Etsy shop I recently discovered full of art and photography prints that I love...not sure what you're looking for but check it out, you may find something to add to your shelf! :)


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