Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pretty Little Houses

When I first started my little blog earlier this year, every Tuesday I would talk about a house from a TV show. I called it TV House Tuesday, I know, I'm so clever right?! Well, that didn't last long because Summer took over my life and all my shows went on hiatus, so I couldn't think of houses to talk about. Well, today being Tuesday and all, I thought it was a good time to start that back up.

Don't judge me, but I really like Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I know, it should be reserved for 15 year olds, but I guess I'm still 15 at heart. The show takes place in the swanky town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania and  is basically about 4 girls in high school who are being tormented by the mysterious "A." And of course, all of these girls have beautiful homes.

It's amazing to me how much goes into set design. The set designer didn't just try to make it look pretty, she made each home reflect the girls and their family life perfectly.

First. let's look at Hanna's house

Her house is my favorite, it's kind of my dream house actually. The exterior is very tradional with your typical white picket fence that everyone dreams of having one day.

The inside of the house is a little more modern. Most scenes shot in her house take place in the gorgeous kitchen. Isn't the backsplash awesome! And I love the pendant lights

I also love all the molding and the colors in the house. And you can't really tell in these pictues, but the floors are really dark wook, and they are so pretty!

 Spencer's house

Spencer comes from a lot of money and her home definitely reflects that. The furniture and the design of the home is supposed to look very put together and new.

 The wallpaper in her room was imported from England and was the designers biggest splurge.

Spencer's kitchen is so pretty! I love how the walls are covered in that cream subway tile, and I love the butcher block counters.

The living room is pretty much part of the kitchen. I really like the furniture in here. I love the coffee tables.

Aria's House

Aria's house has a different feel than the others. It's not exactly my style, but it's still pretty cool. It's much darker inside with a ton of wood work. Aria is a little more artsy and has a goth background, so the darkness of the home is a perfect representation of her.

I think the kitchen is really neat and has lots of character. There are no upper cabinets, which is unique, but I like how they utilize that space well with artwork and hanging pots.

 I love the color of the cabinets, and how awesome is that range!

Aria's bedroom has the same dark feel and lots of woodwork as the rest of the house. The vaulted cieling in her room is pretty cool though. Her family isn't as wealthy as Spencer's, so her room was supposed to have a more vintages feel. The designer wanted it to seem like she could have found much of her furniture from a flee market, or thrift store.

Emily's House

Emily's bedroom has an awesome window seat that the girls hang out on quite a bit. A really like the light over the window seat as well.

I got most of the information for this post from this video.


  1. I don't watch this show but I love both Hanna's and Spencer's kitchen! Beautiful!!

    I love tv houses too and am always looking at them. I've thought about posting about a few of my favourites but haven't done so yet- great idea!

  2. I love PLL! Well, I stopped watching it. But I used to. Did you know that its filmed on the Gilmore Girls set? Luke's is that fancy restaurant that they go to. I'm an obsessed Gilmore Girls fan, I notice these things :P

  3. I love PLL!! I have a thing for ABC Family shows- I know they're for teenagers but I cant help it! I love both Hanna and Spencer's kitchens- the subway tile in Spencer's is to die for


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