Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wild Accessories

I am loving all the animal accents being used in design lately. I'm not just talking about animal prints, I'm talking about actual animals. Gone are the days that animal heads are reserved strictly for cabins in the woods, creepy old people, and my uncle (he's an avid hunter and has a house adorned with animal heads and antlers, it's quite impressive). They can actually be rather chic, modern, and totally awesome, and I think I love them!


  1. Shut up with that hippo! haha I want it. And yes, I agree with this post. I have a white deer head in my living room. And I am about to move so I am going to redecorate with inspiration from the photos on your blog. You always find the best ones!

  2. OMG I want the sweet hippo! It's perfect in the gold color, and all your photos are neat. I really love the living room by Dawna Jones Design!

  3. I'm a total decorating with animals lover! I have a white deer head, white ram, and white antelope - a little obsessed, maybe?! Even if they go out of style, they'll always be in my home. They make me happy!

  4. I love that Hippo!! I want it! You need to help me with the whole interior design stuff!!


  5. I agree! My kiddos have a deer print in their room...its subtle, but still adds a fun element.

  6. I like this a lot! I have purchased a zebra picture and it's in my living room. Wild accessories are so cool!


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