Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hurtin for curtains

See this corner? Yeah B-or-ing! I have neglected this sad little corner in my family room long enough and it's time for a change. I bought some gray curtains a while ago but since they were store bought they obviously aren't long enough so I've been trying to decide exactly what I'm going to do to lengthen those guys. I'm talking about a huge decision here my friends, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up late at night. Here are the three styles I have it narrowed down to.

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I like this look with the bold stripes, but that would require lots of cutting and sewing, which means more chances for mistakes. When it comes to my sewing skills, more chances for mistakes usually means more mistakes.

I also like the stripe at the top, and it would be a much easier solution. I would just need to find some awesome fabric to put there.
{click image for source}
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And finally I could add a panel at the base. I do like this look, I just don't want it to end up looking like I just added some fabric at the bottom to make them longer, even though that's exactly what I would be doing. So you see my dilemma? Too many choices and not enough ability to make up my mind.


  1. I love the big alternating stripes but I would have sewing woes with that too. With the right fabric the curtains fabric on the bottom would be fab. Good luck! Glad I'm not the only one who stays up at night thinking about this stuff :)

  2. At the very beginning before looking at the options, I would have suggested a panel at the bottom but after seeing your photos- I like the stripe near the top. It looks really cute and it's different (whereas I've seen the panel at the bottom lots of times). Good luck making your decision!!

  3. Bottom ones all the way... LOVE THEM! I hate sewing though so I'd just find the ones you like and buy em :) haha!

  4. The stripe near the top does it for me!! That's definitely my favorite!!


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