Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV House Tuesday- Modern Family

Do you watch Modern Family? If not, you really should start, it is hilarious! It's one of those shows that I can watch over and over and still laugh. It's kind of like Friends, except not really because Modern Family might actually get old after a while, but Friends, never! Anywho, there are 3 families on the show making up one big happy (most of the time) family. All three of their houses are different and fit them perfectly.

First up, Phil and Claire DunphyTheir home is your typical middle class family home. It fits in well with all the trends we are seeing right now. All the rooms, and especially the kitchen, have the feel of your typical hectic family home, that's probably why it feels so relatable.
They do all of their interviews on this sofa, so you see this shot quite a bit. The pillows are from Pottery Barn and the paint color is Labrador Blue from Benjamin Moore.
Here is a shot of the kitchen. It is very up to date with an open kitchen that leads right into the eating area. You can't see it here, but the family room is to the right. All the food you see is real, they eat between takes when they need a little snack. I love that!
Next up, Mitchell and Cam's Asian inspired duplex
Most of their home is done in neutrals with little splashes of color. The sofa and chairs are from furniture stores in L.A. and the occasional tables are all from West Elm.
Lily's room is my favorite room in the house becuase it's just hilarious! I love how over the top and over done in pink it is when the rest of the house is so neutral and modern. Also. you have to love the mural over her crib. The episode where they put that up is hilarious by the way.

Last is Jay and Glorias modern bachelor pad
The produceres wanted to find a home that looked like somewhere a wealthy, divorced, middle aged bachelor would live. I would say they succeeded.
The house started out as white on white, but they added splashes of red and zebra to show that Gloria had moved in and is now the woman of the house. That entry way rug is the same rug they use under the Dunphy's kitchen table. It fits perfectly in both spaces.

I got most of the info and pictures fromm LA times and Reckless Bliss.

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  1. Sweet post! I love that show - it may be my favorite right now. And, the interiors are great. It is awesome to be able to stare at them on a screen without them moving. Thanks! And, I'm amazed at the info you found on the interiors.


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