Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Inspiration

Well it's almost Easter which means it's time to stock up on candy before it's all gone. It also means that it's time to decorate those eggs. I'm usually boring and just buy the dye kit from the store, I know I'm totally lame. This year I found some fun and really cool ways to dye eggs, so maybe I'll branch out a little. Check these out!
Melted crayon eggs via Family Fun
Ukranian eggs via Design Sponge
Lace eggs from Martha Stewart
Silhouette eggs via Martha Stewart
Silk dyed eggs via The Magic Onions
(Click on link below eah picture for complete instructions)


  1. I can't decide which eggs I like the best - the last one is gorgeous, but I'm loving the sweet simplicity of the silhouette eggs.

    Andrea x

  2. Those melted crayon and silhouette eggs are so cute! I'm about to do some egg decorating tomorrow with my boys....thanks for the inspiration!


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